New Video Demonstrates How To Use Agile Project Management At Home News

Ryn “The Guardian” Melberg has a new video titled, ‘Living La Vida Agile’ that is available on You Tube

( and her web site at This video shows how to use Agile practices and tools to increase engagement and reduce stress for the family. This presentation was presented live at the RallyOn event in Phoenix, AZ. June 15 – 17, 2015.

Take Work Home

There are a lot of people who do not want their work to follow them home, but in this case its not just O.K. but a really good idea. “The core message of Living La Vida Agile is to take the practices from Agile that are proven to increase engagement, reduce stress and improve communication and bring them home,” Ryn said. “Everyone is looking for ways to improve life at home. These Agile practices that perform so well in the workplace will also work at home.”

Based On Her Own Experience

Melberg got on this path during a particularly hectic holiday season. Starting with a list of 147 user stories, she mounted a Kanban Board in the kitchen. She labeled it with a section for backlog for all the work that had to be done, another for work in progress and still one more for completed work. She also scheduled a daily standup meeting with all members of the family. Some things were very important like buying gifts for others and baking those cookies. Other things that did not get worked on during the holiday sprints were not that high of a priority. “Using the Kanban board forced us to decide what was the most important and what was not,” Ryn stated. “The less important things were not worked on and fell off the list. It’s funny how people think that one thing is really important but as we forced ourselves to prioritize as a family we decided what was and was not important.”

Conflict Reduction

Another benefit to the Agile approach at home is as a conflict reducer. According to Ryn, the process helped with prioritization and the kids got to see how the adults think. Parents are not always good about answering the ‘why’ question. “As good Agilists, explaining the why leads to a huge leap in understanding,” she said. “It also gives the kids the chance to question the why. Adults who share the why take it out of the emotional and into the rational. We moved from the terrible answer every parent gives, ‘because I said so’, to the real reason.”

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