Elements of the Truly Agile Organization Business / The Guardian Podcast

An Agile organization is more than one that simply has an Agile or Scrum team on the payroll. It is a lot more than that. To call yourself “Agile “an organization has to have automated testing, continuous automated integration, and prioritized investment.

Prioritized investment is sometimes called a prioritized portfolio, enterprise backlog or investment decision-ing. Without automated testing and Business strategy concept in word tag cloudcontinuous automated integration, a scrum team will never reach its full potential or highest level of quality with manual testing alone.

Agile optimizes for quality and business value. The investment “decisioning”  is needed to be an Agile organization, instead of an organization that just has some Agile teams.

The truly Agile organization is one where the priorities are listed in the order of importance on the company’s web site or annual report or both. Here is one way to tell if an organization has prioritized goals; are the company objectives prioritized or just lumped together? If they are published in no particular order, then the organization is not Agile. Priorities need to be defined because everything does not have equal value.

For example, if someone is working for two different companies and receives two different paychecks with two different amounts, those companies are not equal. Similarly, if someone works for one of those companies 40 hours a week and makes $1,000.00 and works 65 hours for the other and also make $1,000.00 the former  is the better value.

Agile processes will insist on naming priorities and committing to their completion. Listen to The Guardian Podcast here every week to learn more about Agile.

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