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This week on The Guardian podcast, Ryn Melberg describes the do’s and don’ts of Agile User Stories. User stories were begun as part of “Extreme Programming” or XP. For Agile, Scrum and Scaled Agile, Ryn advises a very concise model.

The overall idea with these stories is that members of the team talk about what the customer wants and why. So in a way, the user story is a way for the team to articulate what the customer wants, or at least that is the idea. is responsible for writing user stories? How can they be written so that they are most effective?best-practices

A user story should be as long as it needs to be but less is more, so Ryn prescribes a very short template model for the user story. “Use one sentence that says, “as a user I want to ____ so that I can ______,” Ryn advises. “This works really well because it is precise and concise.” More words more variables, and more chances for members of the team to  misunderstand.

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