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Getting To Know Ryn The Guardian Melberg Better. For all of the important things we have talked about here on the podcast, we have not discussed one really important thing and that is Ryn! Ryn, we hardly know you!getting-to-know-you-200x200

So this week on the podcast we will get to know Ryn Melberg a little better. Some of the questions Ryn will help answer this week are:

  1. What is the link between philosophy and business analyst?
  2. What happened after 911 that changed her career?
  3. How to transition from employee to consultant.
  4. How are opportunities wasted and what can Agile project methods do about it?
  5. If someone was interested in Agile what should they do to learn the most?
  6. Where did the name “Ryn” come from?

Ryn The Guardian Melberg produces the only podcast on the Internet about Agile, Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework, and Corporate Governance. The podcast has thousands of listeners from all over the world. So it was high time we got to know Ryn The Guardian Melburg better and that is what this week’s podcast does!

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