Pivot from negatives to the positive lessons failing frequently allows when Agile Marketing is used. Agile / The Guardian Podcast

Marketing With Agile Delivers Better Results Faster and Cheaper. Agile is not just for software code writers.  Marketers who adopt the Agile way of thinking can also derive the same types of benefits according to Ryn Melberg on her weekly podcast, The Guardian. The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg can be heard every week on Soundcloud, iTunes and her web site www.rynmelberg.com.

Feedback So Fast You’ll Freak

The benefit that helps distinguish Agile Marketing from other types if that it takes the fast, frequent feedback value to another level. Instead of months and thousands of dollars invested in packaging, finished print ads, web sites and fully recorded television or radio commercials, the Agile Marketing team can substitute story boards or Power Point slides to show customers or potential customers for immediate feedback. “The speed of the feedback and that it occurs so early in the process are what drive better economic results for users,” Ryn told her listeners. “Compare how much it costs to produce a television commercial, launch a product and find out no one likes it or wants it to the cost of a story board. If the product is not right for whatever reason, losses are fully mitigated.” Ryn also counseled making the customer part of the marketing

Agile Marketing

Pivot from negatives to the positive lessons failing frequently allows when Agile Marketing is used.

development process. “When customers are involved early, they develop a sense of ownership and involvement that while hard to quantify, is absolutely valuable.”

Fail Faster And Better

One of the major differences with Agile Marketing is the ability to fail fast, learn from mistakes and move on. But how do Agile Marketers explain the value of failure to impatient bosses and clients? “If they are following the Agile process with their marketing practices then the failures are not expensive or as time consuming as those from traditional marketing,” Ryn said. “So when confronting those types of objections, quickly pivot to the lessons learned, along with the time and money saved compared to the amount that a traditional approach would have cost. Other things being equal, that should carry the day.”

Ryn advises Agile Marketers to make sure there is some important and useful lesson. “When the customer tells you what they did not like, pivot and find out what they did like,” Ryn suggested. “ The Excel spreadsheet is a good example of taking customer feedback about how difficult using macros was and switched to a more user friendly approach.”

The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg is the only weekly podcast devoted to Agile, Scrum SAFe and issues of corporate governance.


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