Agile marketing provides marketers with the same tools and opportunities it does for software developers. Agile / Uncategorized

Agile marketing is the topic for The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg this week.

Everyone thinks they are a marketing genius. Just ask them and they will tell you that anyone can do marketing, it takes no skill, education or experience (sarcasm alert).

But sarcasm aside, many marketers are beset by opinionated colleagues, friends, bosses, owners, spouses and other well meaning but unqualified people to tell them what is wrong with their ad, press release, brochure, web page etc. A handful of comments around the break room are the same as real feedback.

Agile Marketing

Agile marketing provides marketers with the same tools and opportunities it does for software developers.

Confrontations by people with strong personalities plague a lot of people who do advertising, write announcements, articles etc. who mean well and cannot understand why you (the marketer) do not simply agree with their views and change what you are doing. Often times, marketers will tell their well-intentioned but ill-informed advisors that they are not part of the target audience, so naturally they are not ‘down’ with the content. This rarely/never works. You can sit and listen politely, but after nothing happens, the wannabe marketer will be back in your door and want to know why nothing has changed. “I was only humoring you,” or similar responses will also not be well received. And then, eureka, Agile Marketing!

In Agile Marketing opinions are replaced with data. The best thing about data in general is that data does not have an opinion, agenda, axe to grind, point to make or ambition to replace you. Data simply is. Data does not have old scores to settle, but will aid marketers with more important jobs than deflecting the opinions offered from the peanut gallery. Data from customers who are part of the development process will also aid the process. Instead of writing, casting, filming, and editing an entire television commercial the Agile marketer can show story boards to customers, gather feedback, and make changes based on that same feedback far more frequently than the one who has to make the whole commercial.


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