Continuous Integration Agile is the topic of this weeks' Guardian Podcast/ Agile / The Guardian Podcast

Continuous Integration Agile

This week on the interview segment of the program we will talk to Ryn about Continuous Integration in Agile. According to Martin Fowler of ThoughtWorks, continuous integration is a software development practice that requires team members to integrate their work frequently.

Continuous Integration Agile is the topic of this weeks' Guardian Podcast/

Continuous Integration Agile is the topic of this weeks’ Guardian Podcast.

With lots of code writers all working on the same product but doing so separately this might yield as many versions of code as there are code writers. To convert this chaos to order requires continuous integration as described and prescribed by The Guardian herself, Ryn Melberg.




Our News for the Week of May 9, 2016

From Forbes Technology comes a story about the benefits of using Agile Software Development, with the title, Benefits of Using Agile Software Development. Among the benefits the authors cite are fast feedback, the ability to change quickly, identify problems early, and allows both programmers and customers the chance to see the benefits of their labor sooner than not.

In another article from Forbes contributing writer Patrick Spencer reviews a book and interviews the writer. The book is called “Hacking Marketing” and was written by Scott Brinker. Brinkers’ book focuses on agile marketing as a management methodology. The idea centers on one- to-four-week sprints, in which a small cross-functional team works on tasks aligned to a larger marketing effort or theme. At the end of each sprint, the teams have the opportunity to review, analyze and iteratively move to the next set of prioritized work in the next sprint. The advantage to this methodology is that marketing can better adapt to the (increasingly fast-moving) market.

How can CIOs make the most of DevOps? The writer of this article from ZD Net has several ideas. 1. Measure success, 2) find the right business case, 3) recognize that finding good people is always challenging, 3) think outside the box, 4) get a champion at the executive level, and more. Devops is very trendy in the Agile world now, it focuses on cooperation and collaboration between software developers and other more operationally-focused IT professionals. It is closely related to the iterative and efficient techniques used in agile and lean methodologies. This is a pretty good article.

Assure Software has a blog entry on the Agile workplace with what amounts to some very clever ways to manage information workers. Of course Ryn has talked about the need to manage knowledge workers differently than laborers. To stay relevant today, companies need to live up to the true meaning of “agility” and center on learning, responsiveness, and resilience.



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