Is Agile right for me or my organization and how will I know? Agile / The Guardian Podcast

Is Agile Right For Me?

This week on The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg, discovering whether or not Agile is the best thing for an organization or not is the subject. Just like anything else, it may not be for everyone. So for the benefit of those considering Agile but who are still a bit unsure about making the plunge, Ryn has answers.

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Is Agile right for me or my organization and how will I know?

Is Agile right for me or my organization and how will I know?

There are plenty of reasons to consider Agile. For example, if you work in a place where some of the following occur:

  • missing requirements,
  • unhappy customers,
  • unhappy team members,
  • immediate demands for edits to the software,
  • no end date in sight,
  • version one is folded into version two, etc.

At the same time there are reasons not to consider Agile. There are personality types that are not well suited to Agile.

  • People who are too rigid,
  • those who need attention,
  • need to be seen as heroes, etc.

Where To Start?

What the best ways to start an Agile change? What are the two best practices to start with and who should do that work? To find, please listen to the podcast.

More often than not it seems that Agile will save time, save money, deliver better software sooner and bring people out of their silos/cubicles and onto a working/productive team. Only those who are devoted to isolation or practice just in time delivery of software are the ones who may not prosper or do well with Agile.

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