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Agile Testimonial About Texas Non-Profit Organization. This week, Ryn ‘The Guardian’ Melberg talks with Wes Copeland about his organizations’ experiences with user stories, Kanban and stand up meetings. Wes is the executive director at the Brazosport Center for the Arts and Sciences, where their spring art festival called ‘CenterFest’ is in the planning stages.


It is a good example and testimonial about how the tenets of Agile are applicable for organizations of any type. Copeland and company just started using a Kanban Board and stand-up meetings earlier this year when planning for the annual art, music and food fair began. During the podcast, Wes tells Ryn how he and his organization embraced the process and their future plans for wider use of all things Agile. Agile Testimonial About Texas Non-Profit Organization

Background On CenterFest

CenterFest is the evolution of previous two year’s art festivals, but with much more for families who may be new to the area or for those who have not visited The Center lately, or ever. CenterFest 2017 will involve and employ every facet The Center offers. Tickets are $5.00 for adults. Children 12 and under can attend at no charge. Agile Testimonial About Texas Non-Profit Organization

Art, Music, Tacos
Organizers want to ‘reposition’ the third installment of the spring event by adding food in the form of a taco cook-off, more live music, the opportunity to participate in the first annual ‘CenterFest Art March’ along with attractions inside The Center. “We believe that there are lots of people who are new to the area and do not know all we have here,” said Wes Copeland, executive director of The Center. “So we want to introduce ourselves to them and perhaps reintroduce ourselves to longtime residents who may not have visited for a while.” Agile Testimonial About Texas Non-Profit Organization

Organizers of CenterFest in southeast Texas are leveraging Kanban Boards, standup meetings and user stories.

Agile Testimonial About Texas Non-Profit Organization. Organizers of CenterFest in southeast Texas are leveraging Kanban Boards, standup meetings and user stories.

Music lovers, art lovers and families will be able to spend hours walking through the booths and visiting with the artists or listening to the bands playing Texas-style music (full line-up here). A taco cook-off will take place in the East parking lot on Saturday, May 6 beginning at 9:00 a.m. Taco cooking teams will compete within a variety of categories.  Entries will be judged for taste and presentation.  Amateur and professional Teams may sign up at here.

CenterFest will feature high quality art selected by a jury. Artists are traveling from near and far to attend, bringing their wood carvings, paintings, glass sculptures, jewelry, photography, and more that will be on display for purchase. Click here to view some of the artists coming to CenterFest!
Visitors will also be able to visit The Center’s world class planetarium where NASA astronauts train. Right next door to the planetarium is the museum where the region’s largest and best collection of sea shells resides. “The Brazosport Museum of Natural Science will have a very special show of shells during the CenterFest that everyone will want to see,” Copeland said.
Run For The Arts!
The second annual “Run for the Arts 5K”, is scheduled for 8:00 AM on May 6, 2017.  “We will have trophies for overall winners and trophies for division winners,” run organizer Kenny York said.  Register for the 5K here. Non-runners are encouraged to make a piece of wearable art out of an old pair of shoes and enter the first annual “Art March Parade”, taking place at the same time as the competitive run. Register for the Art March here.


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