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Facebook, Dow DuPont and living with the activist shareholder…

On The Guardian Podcast With Ryn Melberg: The Activist Shareholder With Ron Orol

The Activist Shareholder With Ron Orol

The Activist Shareholder With Ron Orol.

On the newest edition of The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg, Ryn talks with “The Deal’s” Ron Orol. Mr. Orol covers activist hedge fund managers and has a lot to share with listeners. The Guardian Podcast can be heard at, Soundcloud and iTunes. It is those activist shareholders who press for blockbuster deals and were the subject of his book “Extreme Value Hedging: How Activist Hedge Fund Managers are Taking on the World.”  He also specializes in reporting on bank and securities regulation in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis.


Among other things, Ryn and Ron discuss:

  • Who are the activist shareholders today; what distinguishes them from single issue activists,
  • The rules for how corporate boards count votes and how the election of directors have changed,
  • Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg,
  • Dow-DuPont merger,
  • Should we fear the activist or not?

While a complex topic, Ryn and Ron address it in an approachable and understandable way.

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