Who is best suited for corporate board membership? The Guardian Podcast

Who Is Best Suited For Corporate Board Membership? On this edition of the podcast Ryn returns for part 2 of her conversation with writer and corporate board of directors subject matter expert Ralph Ward.  Ralph speaks often about corporate boards and has written several books about corporate boards of directors. Ralph’s latest book is called ‘Board Seeker’ and is a type of instruction book or ‘how to’ guide to getting on a corporate board. corporate-board-membership.

Who is best suited for corporate board membership?corporate-board-membership.

Who is best suited for corporate board membership?

When Ralph was with Ryn last time,  they talked about the ‘how to’s’ of achieving board membership for individuals; the odds of getting on a board of directors, why getting on corporate boards was considered prestigious and desirable, and how to go about getting on the board of your choice. This time, Ryn asked about the other side of this issue which is board member recruiting and why this is important.

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