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Agile / The Guardian Podcast

Marketing With Agile Delivers Better Results Faster and Cheaper. Agile is not just for software code writers.  Marketers who adopt the Agile way of thinking can also derive the same types of benefits according to Ryn Melberg on her weekly podcast, The Guardian. The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg can be heard every week on Soundcloud, iTunes and her web site www.rynmelberg.com. Feedback So Fast...

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Agile / Uncategorized

Agile marketing is the topic for The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg this week. Everyone thinks they are a marketing genius. Just ask them and they will tell you that anyone can do marketing, it takes no skill, education or experience (sarcasm alert). But sarcasm aside, many marketers are beset by opinionated colleagues, friends, bosses, owners, spouses and other well meaning but unqualified people to...

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