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Business Agility / The Guardian Podcast

Scrum for Content Marketing. For content marketers, the intersections between creation, functionality, expertise, data, approvals, and built in organizational barriers (often known as silos) slow progress and increase job frustration. Fortunately, there is hope as marketer and certified Scrum practitioner Joel Traugott explained to Ryn Melberg on The Guardian Podcast. To hear the entire interview go to www.rynmelberg.com, iTunes, or Soundcloud. Scrum Goes To Hub...

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Agile / Scrum / The Guardian Podcast

    On this edition of The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg, Ryn talks with Joel Traugott. Joel is a self-described digital marketing geek with a love of data-driven marketing and a flair for building & optimizing traffic & revenue. Joel loves to teach others about marketing, and show the power of optimization to clients and others. Also, super into funnels. And today, we will...

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