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Connecting Information Security & Corporate Governance. The infrastructure that allows everything from streaming movies and songs to international banking, commerce and satellite directed intelligence and defense is not as secure as it should be. Some in government and business believe that cyber attacks are a certainty and that the best way to prepare for them is to adopt the same habits as “preppers” do, like...

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The key to defeating cyber crime is to make security a board level priority at every organization of any size, according to Ryn Melberg who is the host of The Guardian Podcast. Cyber security violations represent crime on an epic scale with every remedy soon thwarted and defeated by cyber criminals who are as clever and skilled as they are evil. The way to win...

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Cyber Security Reputation Damage Governance / The Guardian Podcast

Cyber Security Reputation Damage This week on the Guardian Podcast, Ryn describes the role directors must play to make cyber security a day to day job for everyone in the organization. Ryn also describes in detail the monetary losses experienced by companies that were hacked and the damage to their reputations for trust among consumers. A study by Javelin Strategy & Research, found that financial...

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The largest hack to ever impact children was perpetrated against VTech in late November, 2015. Business / Governance / News / The Guardian Podcast

What Parents Can Do To Protect Children From On Line Hackers. HackersRyn Melberg has some very important and solemn advise for parents; be extremely mindful of what you post on line about your children because it could affect their financial future and even put them in physical danger. In late November, 2015 Hong Kong based children’s toy maker V-Tech was hacked with information about 6.4...

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In this photo from Forbes, the place where the children' tablet learning toy was vulnerable is identified. Business / Governance / News / The Guardian Podcast

V-Tech Hack Impacts Child Security. This week on the program Ryn will discuss with us some much needed steps that parents or anyone with children in their lives needs to take to protect the privacy of those same youngsters. This in the wake of the hack of Hong Kong based VTech, maker of electronic learning toys. That hack exposed information about over 6.4 million children. To...

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Introduction Is The Old Fax Machine In Your Office A Resource For Hackers?The U.S. has a serious cyber security, political and debt problem according to Ryn Melberg. On her weekly podcast entitled The Guardian, Ryn Melberg describes the challenges of cyber security as they relate to political and business for the U.S. The weekly podcast can be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud, or www.rynmelberg.com.  Among the...

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