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Agile / The Guardian Podcast

Lake Jackson, TX. (April 13, 2017) What are the limits of applications, benefits and industries for elements of Agile? A Texas based non-profit organization is successfully using parts of Agile to re-position and organize its biggest event of the year. That is the topic of the latest podcast by Ryn ‘The Guardian’ Melberg. In this installment, Ryn interviews Wes Copeland who is the executive director...

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New Video Demonstrates How To Use Agile Project Management At Home News

Ryn “The Guardian” Melberg has a new video titled, ‘Living La Vida Agile’ that is available on You Tube (https://youtu.be/-lMSLzpHSDQ) and her web site at www.rynmelberg.com. This video shows how to use Agile practices and tools to increase engagement and reduce stress for the family. This presentation was presented live at the RallyOn event in Phoenix, AZ. June 15 – 17, 2015. Take Work Home...

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