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Knowledge Worker Salary. Is money the best tool for attracting and retaining the best knowledge workers? Or, is there a formula for finding what is too little, too much or what is just right, like porridge?Some employers are getting creative in order to hold on to key employees. As the job market improves, competition for the best talent ramps up. Top programmers and code writers...

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The servant leader is the example Ryn Melberg cites in this week's podcast on leadership in an Agile Environment. Business / News / The Guardian Podcast

Corporate Governance Social Media Policy. There was bound to be a nexus between social media, company policy and best practices. This includes what employees do on line while on and off the clock and extends to customers, suppliers, shareholders, neighbors and yes employees. Corporate Governance Social Media Policy. There are some businesses that do not allow their employees to say anything about them on social...

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