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The Agile Makeover Checklist will help answer this question. Agile

The Agile Makeover Checklist By Ryn “The Guardian” Melberg. Please answer these questions to find out if you need a makeover. There is a numeric score associated with each answer. The higher your score the more likely it is you need some help.   1. Does your business/organization attract and retain the top talent in the field? a. Yes__ (1) b. No __ (3) c. I’m...

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If you are made to work weekends then you almost definitely need an Agile makeover. Agile / The Guardian Podcast

Does Your Business Need an Agile Makeover and How to Know. The term ‘makeover’ generally means new clothes, hair, house or a car. But there is no reason to limit the term to those personal items and Ryn Melberg does not. On the latest edition of the Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg, she answers the question does your organization or business need an Agile makeover. Do...

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