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To know the current state and possibly the future direction of project management, investigating the past can be instructive. On The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg this week, Ryn describes “a brief history of project management” to reveal where project management came from, the present situation, and where it could go. The Guardian Podcast can be heard on iTunes, or Soundcloud. History Historically there have been...

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This week on the “Ryn The Guardian Melberg” podcast, Ryn discusses the types and merits of training and certification for Agile and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The podcast can be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud (https://www.soundcloud.com), Stitcher (https://www.stitcher.com), or on her web site, www.rynmleberg.com. Certification in Agile or Scaled Agile demonstrates knowledge and documented expertise. There are people who have knowledge and experience with Agile, and...

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