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Knowledge Worker Salary. Is money the best tool for attracting and retaining the best knowledge workers? Or, is there a formula for finding what is too little, too much or what is just right, like porridge?Some employers are getting creative in order to hold on to key employees. As the job market improves, competition for the best talent ramps up. Top programmers and code writers...

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Is there a natural antipathy between devops and systems teams or an outcome that is greater than the sum of its parts? Listen to find out! Agile / Business / News / Scrum / The Guardian Podcast

This week on the podcast Ryn will help us all appreciate the differences between devops and the systems team in Agile. Agile devotees will know that there has been and is a lot of conversation about these two roles. And when we seek clarity, we know who to ask! While there is plenty of opportunity for conflicts, when these are managed and executed properly there...

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Agile and Scrum Coaching Agile / Business / Scrum / The Guardian Podcast

What are the qualities of the best ‘coaches’ or teachers that you’ve ever had? Do those same qualities make for good Agile and scrum coaches? And are you a candidate for a coaching role in Agile or scrum? To help us answer those and other questions is Ryn Melberg. No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own.

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How To Lead In An Agile Setting. Leadership in general and leadership in an Agile setting may or may not have a number of similarities. Most people would likely see leadership as an ‘eye of the beholder’ kind of thing that is hard to define and with a definition that will differ depending on who you ask. Is it the same for a leader in...

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Ways To Recognize The Agile Team Is Out Of Sync Or Are You A Candidate For Agile Therapy? Business / News / The Guardian Podcast

Sometimes things on an Agile team will go bad and no one can really say why. The results are not now what they once were. The code does not work. People are not getting along and deadlines are being missed. What are some of the common reasons for these types of shortcomings and what can be done about them? Lack of leadership training. Practices will...

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Is Agile just another fad that will go the way of quality circles and managing for results? Business / The Guardian Podcast / Uncategorized

Is this just another fad? Ryn Melberg Gives Guidance On How To Overcome Objections To Agile On her weekly podcast, Ryn Melberg cites several objections to Agile practices, what the causes of those complaints can be and how to best handle them. The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg can be heard on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/harold-nicoll/objections-and-struggles-to-and-with-agile-practices) iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/objections-struggles-to-agile/id977764101?i=362427338&mt=2) or on her web site at www.rynmelberg.com. Is Agile...

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Sometimes overcoming the objections of the world to Agile transformations seems like rolling the rock up the mountain. Business / The Guardian Podcast

Nothing is perfect. There are no perfect solutions to anything and no solver bullets. We have all heard these expressions hundreds of times. The same thing can be said of Agile, Scrum, Scaled Agile or any of the many Agile inspired methods of organizing projects. So this week on The Guardian Podcast, we lean in and find out the objections to Agile from the philosophical...

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Epics in Agile are not on the same level as Moses or even Charleton Heston, but they are big. Business / News / The Guardian Podcast

Epics. When some people hear the word ‘epic’ they think about great works of literature or movies like ‘The Ten Commandments’. They seldom think about software project management, which is what Ryn Melberg (www.rynmelberg.com) takes on this week on her podcast, The Guardian. The Guardian podcast can be heard on Soundcloud (https://soundcloud.com/harold-nicoll/epics-in-agile) iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/epics-in-agile/id977764101?i=361733748&mt=2) and her web site at www.rynmelberg.com. As the name describes, Epics...

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Epics in Agile are the key to doing great things! Business / The Guardian Podcast

This week on The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg, the topic is Epics in Agile and Scrum. Ryn covers the things that distinguish an Epic from a Theme or even a bunch of User Stories and describes the best ways to leverage these really big if not just downright grandiose parts of the Agile and Scrum process. According to “Agile For Dummies”, an epic captures a large...

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