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Governance Cyber Security and Cloud Pets. Ryn The Guardian Melberg had not talked about security and governance on her own podcast for a while, though she has on other radio programs, so it is high time for her to do so again here. To listen click here: Ryn The Guardian Melberg Podcast on Cloud Pet Security and Governance.  While it might be hard to believe that...

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IT crises are the next wave of crisis management for corporate boards of directors to manage. Business / Governance / News / The Guardian Podcast / Uncategorized

Guardian Podcast IT Security, Governance, and Crisis Management In the past on this program we have talked about the need for better security in an on line world. We have also talked about corporate governance failures at several companies and organizations around the world. This week we are going to discuss how corporate boards of directors manage a corporate IT crisis. Just like with traditional...

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