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What progress or cynical ploys were attempted in the wake of negative attention and in the case of FIFA indictments since they were originally discussed on The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg? The outcomes are surprising. For FIFA, the U.S. Attorney General is still aggressively pursuing the case. FIFA According to Ryn, FIFA combines the world’s love of soccer with nationalism with a lot of...

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Attorney General Loretta Lynch is pursuing criminal charges against members of FIFA. She is the only representative of law enforcements with enough influence to do so. News / The Guardian Podcast / Uncategorized

FIFA’s Failures Of Corporate Governance & Suggested Remedies FIFA is the governing body of the most popular professional sport in the world. That is why the entire world is paying attention as the Attorney General Loretta Lynch of the United States takes on a group that until now was always been beyond the reach of law enforcement. This week on The Guardian Podcast with Ryn...

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