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Lake Jackson, TX. (April 13, 2017) What are the limits of applications, benefits and industries for elements of Agile? A Texas based non-profit organization is successfully using parts of Agile to re-position and organize its biggest event of the year. That is the topic of the latest podcast by Ryn ‘The Guardian’ Melberg. In this installment, Ryn interviews Wes Copeland who is the executive director...

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What is a user story, and who are these so-called users? Ryn Melberg describes in detail the role of the ‘user story’ in Agile on her weekly podcast, entitled “The Guardian.” The Guardian Podcast can be heard on iTunes, Sound cloud, or her web site at www.rynmelberg.com. The user story is critical to the Agile team for communicating with each other and fully understanding what...

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Business / The Guardian Podcast

This week on The Guardian podcast, Ryn Melberg describes the do’s and don’ts of Agile User Stories. User stories were begun as part of “Extreme Programming” or XP. For Agile, Scrum and Scaled Agile, Ryn advises a very concise model. The overall idea with these stories is that members of the team talk about what the customer wants and why. So in a way, the...

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Agile is a project management methodology that software writers adopted several years ago. But people who work in other industries are learning that the sensible, team centered, value producing and time saving methods prescribed are as useful to them as they are to software developers. Ryn “The Guardian” Melberg discusses and defines the Agile Feature and the Agile Feature Team on her podcast this week....

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