There are lots more than 8 ways to ruin the Agile transformation, but these are a good start. Agile / The Guardian Podcast / Uncategorized

How To Ruin Your Agile Transformation. The road to perdition is paved with good intentions. Executives and organizational leaders mean well enough wanting their people and bottom line to benefit from all that is Agile. Unfortunately, mandating a change like this is not the same as engaging in it. On her weekly podcast titled “The Guardian” Ryn Melberg lists the ways to make certain an...

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Agile and Scrum Coaching Agile / Business / Scrum / The Guardian Podcast

What are the qualities of the best ‘coaches’ or teachers that you’ve ever had? Do those same qualities make for good Agile and scrum coaches? And are you a candidate for a coaching role in Agile or scrum? To help us answer those and other questions is Ryn Melberg. No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own.

It is unlikely that General Washington had his orders questioned while crossing the Delaware the way many Agile leaders do. Agile / News

Agile Leadership Can Lead To Conflict In The Office. No one will admit to being against change or an enemy of progress, especially at a high tech company. If only this were true. Unfortunately it does not take massive societal movements to bring out the worst in people as even the smallest changes can lead to some really bad behavior in the workplace. This week on The...

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Agile / The Guardian Podcast

How To Lead In An Agile Setting. Leadership in general and leadership in an Agile setting may or may not have a number of similarities. Most people would likely see leadership as an ‘eye of the beholder’ kind of thing that is hard to define and with a definition that will differ depending on who you ask. Is it the same for a leader in...

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Multitaskers are good at looking busy but little else. Agile / Business / News / The Guardian Podcast

Myth of Multitasking and Productivity Debunked on The Guardian Podcast The most valuable employees in the workplace are not necessarily the ones who seem busiest, according to Ryn Melberg on her weekly podcast, The Guardian. In fact it is more likely that the exact opposite is true. The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg can be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud, or at Agile And Multitasking...

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The myth that people who multi task are the most productive and best to have is what Ryn tackles this week. Agile / Business / News / The Guardian Podcast

Myth Of Multi-Tasking, Agile’s Cure For It. This week on the Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg we will discuss why multitasking is not the productivity gain that so many people seem to think it is. A popular notion in the culture is that so called multi tasking is the mark of the most productive, smartest and therefore supremely valuable employees. While counterintuitive, it is not true....

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