Agile / cyber security / Dev-Ops / Governance / Scrum / The Guardian Podcast

The Guardian Podcast Top Ten Most Listened to Shows. The Guardian Podcast has been on the ‘air’ and available to listeners with an interest in Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Lean and other issues of corporate governance for over 2 years. There are now 82 separate programs. Below are the top ten most listened to on iTunes. They are listed along with a write up about that show....

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Agile / Dev-Ops / The Guardian Podcast

Dev-Ops Transforms Traditional Business For The Mobile/Digital Marketplace and Fast Ross Clanton who is an advocate of Dev-Ops and until recently played a key role driving technology transformation at Target, is the guest on The Guardian Podcast with Ryn Melberg this week. The Guardian Podcast can be heard on iTunes, Soundcloud or at With a career in IT development, Clanton first recognized dysfunction in...

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